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The advent and rise of social media as a marketing tool has been inescapable and invaluable. Pathways of two-way communication between customer and company are now wide open, and in a technology-centric world it is crucial that businesses remain at the fore-front of social media, utilizing it's immediacy in facilitating the flow of information.

Targeted Direct Response.

From the ability to respond directly and promptly to any successes or queries that customers may express using their Twitter, to accurately targeting your desired demographic via Facebook or even gathering quantitative data that can indicate campaign areas that are working well or that are in need of some re-thought, it is undeniable. Social Media is now an essential and exciting element of any businesses ability to build wide-spread brand awareness, build links with and cross-promote using other companies, specifically target audiences and know immediately whether or not your campaign works using the community that has been built between you and your customer.

Other Benefits.

Social Media is still largely free or vastly cheaper than traditional forms of marketing. Social Media is not limited to websites, but covers platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and many more. To give some perspective on the audience these sites reach, here are some statistics: Almost half the population of Ireland have a Facebook account; Worldwide Facebook users total almost 1.3 billion people; Twitter is host to 1 in 5 people in Ireland alone.

Positive Relationships

Constant updates mean that social media does not stagnate, like websites can do, so they remain fresh and on the pulse of customer demands. Because it is easier to communicate quickly and efficiently with both individuals and groups of clients, your customer service is improved and allows clientele to feel valued and listened to, an essential part of building positive and long-lasting relationships with existing or potential customers.

Where We Fit In...

Our mission is to help smaller businesses in the West develop and use social media platforms to target their markets and develop their brand. With smaller businesses, they often have few staff and don't have time to work on their social media. We are here to help.

What Can I Do For You As An Events & Social Media Coordinator?


I can critically examine your target market, giving a stronger sense of who we wish to reach and how. This also gives way to understanding which other companies to ally with or follow whilst simultaneously reaching your desired demographic. I will compile Monthly Report documents that indicate follower interaction, areas that are effective and how to develop a struggling campaign into a strong and powerful one using that data. The analysis of data is one of the most valuable assets of Social Media campaigns, and remains one of the top reasons that they prove so effective in reaching relevant audiences.


Maintaining a strong sense of brand and ethos on such broad platforms requires a solid idea of company aims, products and needs, as well as an understanding of consumer attitudes. Using images, information and details provided by you, I will build Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and TripAdvisor accounts that are reflective of the company as well as being highly functional and interactive.

Maintainer and Communicator

I will carry out daily or weekly maintenance to keep your Social Media fresh, up-to-date and engaging. Maintenance doesn't just constitute daily postings – consider the time taken to answer or pass on posts, networking with other like-minded companies, building event and milestone awareness across multiple platforms, running competitions and orchestrating fundamental advertising campaigns.Major updates to multiple sites are done several times a year (and often without notice!) and it is important to remain clued in and utilize platforms to the company's greatest advantage continually.

I will manage social media specific advertising campaigns, from conception to execution.I will build professional, durable and mutually-beneficial relationships with current partners, past clients and potential customers. I can be on the ground at events/festivals/promotional occasions to document and gather images for distribution across Social Media, again staying on the pulse of the action and keeping your customers abreast of the most current developments and thus involved.

Many businesses in the West operate seasonally, and often while Winter is a productive and consistent time for marketing, the busy summer season can see attention diverted elsewhere, leaving a gap in marketing strategy and a lull in brand awareness for customers. This is often unavoidable once a season is in full swing, but by allowing us to maintain and run the Social Media aspects of the company, this is no longer a concern – you can simply send us your event information, photos, promotional offers etc. and we can schedule everything accordingly so that your presence online is consistent and reliable, rather than sporadic and clustered. This once again allows for continuous branding that matches customer sensibilities.All of these elements provide support first-hand for companies, and first-hand for clients, and having someone to focus on these allows fast and efficient solutions for all involved.


We understand the importance of in-house training and the desire for companies to have some degree of autonomy from consultants. Perhaps you already have someone who runs marketing all year round, or another staff member with an interest and flair for social media? If so, fantastic! We offer training and support for your staff so they can develop and update your company's Social Media from the ground level day-to-day, minimizing the need for outside advisors and nurturing a staff sense of responsibility and pride in their product.


We are happy and able to work in conjunction with a larger marketing plan. The importance of Social Media has been proven key in today's marketing, and we can work easily with a company's pre-existing campaign, often for free.

Why Use Me?

I have been working in marketing for a number of years, with a particular interest in the power of Social Media during it's rise and reign. I am currently running a number of successful Social Media campaigns for both commercial and voluntary organizations, allowing me an insight into running campaigns with varying budgets, time-limits and constraints.

The successful progression of these campaigns involves an understanding of a wide range of specific markets unique to each company, building connections with other relevant companies and the basis of keeping all Social Media active and appealing to targeted demographics. Having worked for a number of companies in Galway and Mayo, I have a particular understanding of what makes businesses thrive here in the West and how to accomplish the most compelling and useful campaign for you.

The added benefit of having someone nearby means I am always on-hand and accessible for your company, living only an hour away from anywhere in Connemara (rather than many Dublin-based coordinators who would be accessible by phone or email only). What I provide is a hands-on, personalized service that will yield positive results and a growth in your business and brand awareness. I am a dedicated and experienced coordinator who will care as much about your campaigns as you do, taking great pride and time to tailor your package with your needs.

Client Portfolio

We are proud of our growing portfolio of clients, which covers an eclectic range of businesses. Why not join our ever growing family? Try our services and we will offer you the first week completely free of charge. All you have to worry about is how to utilise the time that we have saved you!

What People Are Saying.

  • We would highly recommend Siobhan from Social Media Galway, she provided us with a whole new perspective of how Facebook can be used to drive sales through the business. Lots of great ideas and thoughts that we can discuss for our future social media and also our marketing strategy. We would have no hesitation in recommending Siobhan to anyone that requires help, guidance or training in social media and marketing.

    Yvonne Flaherty, Connemara Lettings
  • Siobhan has brought a professional approach to the organisation of the Leenane Mountain Walking Festival which is one of the best events on the Walking calendar. Dealing with the marketing & logistics of over 200 walkers for guides, routes, busses, tea and scones seems to happen without a problem. I would say that employing the professional service of Siobhán has greatly added to experience of the walkers taking part in the festival.

    Martin Gavin, Chairman, Leenane Mountain Walking Festival
  • Siobhan has a great knowledge of social media and how to increase a business profile - I would recommend her services to anyone who lacks knowledge of this fast moving media

    Mary Young, Killary Adventure Centre
  • Having worked alongside Siobhan on many events, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services. She is a wonderful asset for any group or company that is looking for someone to help them run a successful, safe event Mary Young, Killary Gaelforce

    Mary Young, Killary Adventure Centre

Looking For More?

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